GWO Accredited Trainings

AllGWO Accredited Trainings

GWO trainings teach you to understand and reduce the risk associated with safety hazards in the wind turbine industry. It ensures a safe work environment for anyone working in the wind turbine industry.

Trained GWO personnel are recognized as competent within basic safety in the wind industry and are accepted worldwide for their wind-specific safety knowledge.

In India, wind energy companies and IPPs now demand GWO qualification for those working on wind turbine project sites.

CORE will equip participants with the knowledge, skills and confidence to appropriately respond in the event of an emergency and to increase their safety through proper use of personal protective equipment, emergency equipment and procedures.

Upon completion of the Basic Safety Training (BST) delegates will possess an awareness of the hazards encountered when working within the wind industry and how to control and mitigate these hazards.

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